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    lastarprtum is a public interest named, to Thanksgiving as the theme of public interest brands. Since 2009 the beginning we have been committed to public welfare, held every year dozens of public service activities, lastarprtum "love China" love "sky blue" public welfare activities is a national public service activities, April 2, is world autism disorders day care, we want to through the activities called for social all circles pays close attention to autistic children, for autistic children stretched out a helping hand and light blue sky. Each year the lastarprtum headquarters and country branch jointly organized the "lastarprtum love Chinese, let love sky blue," caring for children with autism - build love warm family welfare activities, such as Haikou, Harbin, Taiyuan, Xinjiang, Changji, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanxi, Zhangjiakou, Beijing, Xinzhou, Hunan Huaihua, Henan Yanjiao Yucheng and other places have our love figure, through charity donation funds donated to the autistic children in need of help, love is not only Chinese relief activities for children with autism and other special groups such as the deaf and disabled children solitary widowed elderly, now every month in the country at least 5 games or more public welfare activities held, transmission of love, Kindness knows no bounds., public lastarprtum positive energy lastarprtum welcome you to participate in public welfare.

    藍絲帶大愛中國行 — 中國踐行